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25 Sq.m. Cabin — Tectonic Workshop , 2017

25 Sq.M. Cabin

Project by 
Chana Mahayosanun
Damir Draganić
Dorte Handschuh
Louise Monreau
This project is part of the tectonic workshop, which explores architecture from the physical model approach. The theme is a 25 m2 house as it can be built without permission in Sweden. This windowless house starts from a question of privacy, which is determined by the wall layer. We decided to keep the wall solid to make a bunker house.

The only connection to its surrounding is the transparent roof, which hovers on top of the wall. The waffle structure makes it possible with minimum column support—the roof act as a louver and time indicator. On a sunny day, as it cast the shadow. Metal is the wall material. It’s connected to the chimney, which makes the wall itself become an induction heater.

“Shadow is a connection
between outside and inside.”

Inspired by Richard Sierra art-installation, using weathering metal, make this house like the living art -installation. The outer wall creates the threshold from the outside. The end of the corridor reveals the living room-where the fireplace is the key to this house, and the setting rotated around it. The bed has 3 layers of wall wraps around it, creating the most private area, while the bathroom is located in the back, which is also considered a private room—judged by the sight privacy.

Light and Shadow

Light and shadow which cast on the wall could tell the proximate time of the day and it’s various from each season.

In this sample context, it’s set at +7 GMT timezone in June.

Model study by
Chana Mahayosanun,Damir Draganić,Dorte Handschuh,Louise Monreau