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25 Sq.m. Cabin — Tectonic Workshop , 2017

25 Sq.M. Cabin

Project by 
Chana Mahayosanun
Damir Draganić
Dorte Handschuh
Louise Monreau

This project is part of a tectonic workshop that explores architecture through a physical model approach. The focus is on designing a 25 m2 house that can be constructed without requiring permission in Sweden. The concept of this windowless house stems from the idea of privacy, which is achieved through a solid wall layer, giving it the appearance of a bunker house.

The only connection to the surroundings is provided by the transparent roof, which hovers above the solid wall. The roof features a waffle structure that allows for minimal column support, while also acting as a louver and time indicator. On sunny days, the roof casts intriguing shadows. The wall material chosen for this design is metal, which is also connected to the chimney, allowing the wall itself to function as an induction heater.

“Shadow is a connection
between outside and inside.”

Taking inspiration from Richard Serra's art installations, this house aims to become a living art installation itself. Utilizing weathering metal, the outer wall serves as the threshold between the interior and the outside world. As one moves through the corridor, the living room is revealed, with the fireplace serving as a central element around which the space is organized.

The bed area is designed with three layers of wall wraps, creating the most private and intimate space within the house. The bathroom is strategically located at the back, further enhancing its privacy and seclusion, as it is shielded from direct sight. The arrangement of these spaces carefully considers the aspect of sight privacy, ensuring a sense of intimacy and personal retreat within the home..

Light and Shadow

The interplay of light and shadow cast on the wall serves as a natural indicator of the approximate time of day, with variations that change throughout each season. This dynamic interaction between light and shadow not only adds an aesthetic dimension to the space but also provides a subtle yet effective way to perceive and track the progression of time.

In this sample context, it’s set at +7 GMT timezone in June.

Model study by
Chana Mahayosanun,Damir Draganić,Dorte Handschuh,Louise Monreau