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Brønshøj Pavement — Finding and Archiving , 2017

Brønshøj Pavement

Brønshøj, located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, is the area of interest for this project, specifically focusing on Brønshøj Square and its surroundings. The square is surrounded by a variety of programs, including a library, nursery, school, restaurants, clinics, shops, cultural houses, and a mix of residential apartments and detached houses. Notably, it is also home to the oldest church in Copenhagen, the Brønshøj Church.

My main focus was on the pavement and flooring elements in this area, as they have direct contact with the users. I began by studying the characteristics of the existing pavement materials and used that knowledge to create a designated route that guides users towards the church.

By observing and registering the pavement, I employed the same design language to enhance the user experience before they enter the church. The texture of the pavement serves to imply boundaries, indicating where to stop, walk, or where entry is restricted. Careful selection of the pavement material contributes to creating a serene atmosphere and a sense of sacredness within the space.

Brønshøj : Finding and Achiving 
Chana Mahayosanun,Thit Ejstrup-Christensen,Miroslav Mikica Veljic

To document the texture variations of the materials found on the site,I used A4 paper and charcoal to register the texture difference in each material found on the site. 

1. Water fountain // 2.Drainage // 3.Waterfountain edge// 4.Outdoor wood // 5.Bicycle lane siding // 6. Bicycle lane// 7. Road siding // 8. Brick facade //
9. Concrete tile // 10. Concrete facade //11. wood plankflooring // 12. Laminated wood flooring// 13. Carpet // 14. Wood

1:20  Brønshøj Pavement

Proposed pavement Connect from Brønshøj Center to Brønshøj Church