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Store Kongensgade 100 — Copenhagen Temporary , 2017

Store Kongensgade 100

Project theme Copenhagen Temporary on the building of Store Kongensgade 100. It was used as a Police station and was under restoration into student housing. I explored the meaning of “temporary“ from hourly as a cafe, library. Daily as Airbnb, Hotel. Monthly as a short-term contract. Yearly as Student Housing, Expat. Every 4 years for Couple with a long-term contract.

Added up to the history of this building. There was a combination of 2 buildings which has the ground floor as commercial and the upper floor for the residence. From many concepts of temporary and history. I proposed the mixed-usee building that has various programs stack-up by the higher the level, the more privacy, and more long-term programs are situated.

I still keep the existing structure of the column grid and flooring. By referring to the grid system and ratio tempo of this existing police station, I emphasized it in different designs that will not alienate the building to it’s surrounding. This program focused on the building facade and the penthouse on the top floor interior and planning.


Ground Floor - Commercial Shop
1st Floor - Cafeteria  for  Co-Working space
2nd Floor - Co-Working Office
3rd,4th Floor - Student housing Apartment
5th Floor - 2 bedroom apartment
6hFloor - Penthouse

Facade study