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MANA Mailbox — Furniture Design 2020


MANA Mailbox is an outdoor locker designed to cater to the needs of online shoppers. More than just a mailbox for letters, it provides a convenient solution for parcel delivery when homeowners are away. Additionally, taking inspiration from the popular laundry delivery service in Thailand, this versatile locker can also serve as a pick-up and return point for clothes.

Expanding its functionality further, MANA Mailbox can double as an Airbnb guest lockers. It offers a secure storage space for early arrivals or individuals looking to temporarily store their luggage.

The concept behind MANA Mailbox revolves around integrating functions into a partition instead of a traditional wall. In this case, the fence acts as a boundary for the house. The mailbox section is designed with two doors—an exterior and an interior door. This enables the owner to conveniently collect mails and parcels without needing to step outside the fence.

MANA Mailbox marks its house boundary, it acts as a fence that can store the delivered parcel
MANA mailbox could be am extra storage for outdoor tools

From a fence, which is a partition plane -> Extruded -> got an box -> divided by 4 column -> Upper boxes store smaller packages and letters -> Lower boxes store larger goods like suitcase -> handle designed to block rain leakage -> back of mailboxes can be open from inside the house boudary.

MANA Mailbox