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Skywall — Design Week Installation


Role : Project Designer
Location : Chiang Mai, Thailand
Vanue : Chiang Mai Design Week
Completed : 2020
Following the theme of Chiang Mai Design week 2020 of “Stay Awake,Stay Alive” , the year of solitude due to COVID-19, I proposed SKYWALL. A pavilion, which allowed you to sit in isolation but still connect to the outside with the sky’s changing state. The moving clouds meditated the state of mind.The idea originated from periscope - however, from an object, it turns into a pavilion - An encapsulated space that can perceive the sky by looking forward.

The pavilion is prefabricated with 25 blocks of 60x30x240cm by using 1”x1” Steel Frame with wooden plates on top and bottom. Fabric that wrapped around the frame allows the pavilion to adapted accordingly to it environment. Apart from the changing sky, the light within this space also shifts according to sunlight.
When Sky is clear (around midday).Space has a cool tone with a sharp shadow.

︎ Chiang Mai Thailand, December

︎︎︎Around 3.30 pm.-4.30 pm
With the Sun angled, Space develops warmer tone.

︎︎︎Around 4.30pm onward.
The shadow becomes softer. diffuse atmosphere.

︎︎︎At 5.50 pm
while the sun is setting, There’ll be a glimpse of Vanilla Sky.