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Skywall — Design Week Installation


Role : Project Designer
Location : Chiang Mai, Thailand
Vanue : Chiang Mai Design Week
Completed : 2020
Based on the theme of Chiang Mai Design Week 2020, "Stay Awake, Stay Alive," and inspired by the year of solitude imposed by COVID-19, I proposed SKYWALL, a pavilion that offers both isolation and connection to the outside through the ever-changing sky. The shifting clouds serve as a meditation for the mind. The concept was derived from a periscope, but transformed into a pavilion—a enclosed space that provides a forward-facing view of the sky.

The pavilion consists of 25 prefabricated blocks measuring 60x30x240cm, constructed using a 1" x 1" steel frame with wooden plates on the top and bottom. The frame is wrapped with fabric, allowing the pavilion to adapt to its surroundings. In addition to the ever-changing sky, the lighting within the space also varies based on sunlight. During clear skies around midday, the space emanates a cool tone with distinct shadows.

︎ Chiang Mai Thailand, December

︎︎︎Around 3.30 pm.-4.30 pm
With the Sun angled, Space develops warmer tone.

︎︎︎Around 4.30pm onward.
The shadow becomes softer. diffuse atmosphere.

︎︎︎At 5.50 pm
while the sun is setting, There’ll be a glimpse of Vanilla Sky.