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WASTAURANT — INGESTION Milan Design Week, 2018


Dahlia Dudas
Marta Stancic
Jakob Stærmose
Casper Munch-Andersen
Rose Marie Tholstrup Hermansen
Christine Bové
Chana Mahayosanun

In collaboration with Kahler, a group of design students launched the concept of "Ingestion - the Consumption of a Substance by Organism." Our focus was on highlighting the issue of food waste and its impact on human consumption. To convey this message, we proposed the implementation of a food conveyor belt in the exhibition setting.

The food conveyor belt serves as a visual representation of the continuous manufacturing process that sustains our planet, providing nourishment for its inhabitants. However, it also serves as a reflection of the significant waste that is generated every minute. Through this installation, we aim to raise awareness about the amount of food wasted and encourage a more mindful approach to consumption.

3D Model by Jakob Staermose

The installation consists of three sections, with a total of 20 participants. At the end of the table, there is a large trash bin where all the food from the conveyor belt will ultimately drop. The objective of this interactive installation is to observe and analyze the behavior of the participants.

Will they communicate and share the food among themselves? Or will they individually take as much food as possible? The installation aims to explore questions of greed and the choices people make when presented with abundance. Additionally, we want the third group to consider the value of food and whether they will grab and save as much as they can.

Beyond the immediate engagement, the installation intends to provoke reflection on the broader food industry process. The clear message conveyed is that at any given moment, somewhere, good and edible food is being wasted and discarded. This realization prompts participants to contemplate their own food consumption habits and the impact of food waste.

Wastaurant Happening

Wastaurant Happenning
INGESTION @ Milan Design Week 2018